Philosophy And Value

We at Presentation National High School, are all learners; whether youths, adults, parents or teachers, brought together by a common desire for a communal goal, that of learning and working to exchange ideas, experiences, knowledge and skills and learning to work with one another. In a communal endeavour, people learn to share responsibilities.
We believe that knowledge empowers them.
In all these, we affirm our belief in the model of Jesus Christ as Teacher and the “Giver of all good gifts and the Light of the World”. With this inspiration and faith, we believe in the possibility of growth for every individual participant involved in the school.
Presentation National High School is an institution which is under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese  of Benin City. It was founded by Reverend (Dr.) Patrick E. Ekpu, the Archbishop of Benin City, on November 21, 1989. Our goal is to create an atmosphere for learning and sharing, where unconditional love can be expressed, irrespective of all diversity.

Presentation National High School is a value-oriented institution. Our philosophy is based on what is good, true and beautiful in our world. We emphasize, especially those spiritual values which will bring about greater unity and love in our society. We live the values we believe by being consistent, supportive and accountable to one another.

Our belief is based on our Catholic tradition, which forms the principle for our actions.
The following are both expressions and means of developing our values and the clarifications of our values.
1..         Spiritual Development -Prayer-Appreciation of nature -Sacrifice-Self-discipline -Hardwork-Creative ritual
2..         Demonstrating positive model (especially adults)
3..         Mutual respect (adults and students alike)
4. .        Communalism (working and building together)
5..         Developing positive leadership
6..         Acknowledging days that are meaningful, both in our faith and from tradition .
7..         Educating the broader community to have all awareness of our values so that they can be of greater services, e.g. community development, sensitivity to the sick and handicapped.
8.         Loyalty and devotion to our faith.
9.        Striving for unconditional love that transcends all diversity.