Admission Policy

Admission will be granted to prospective students 

- Have successfully completed primary school

- Have met the requirement of the Entrance Examina

- Participated successfully in a personal intervie

- Submit records of past achievements in primary s

- Are ready to live in Boarding and pay prescribed

- Must be ready to abide by the school�s rules and regulations.


How To Apply

  1. 1 complete the online application form
  2. attach the necessary documents
  3. submit the completed application form and copy out your reference ID
  4. make payment online or enter ACCESS PIN informations and print out your confirmation copy.
    click here to apply now
  5. if for any reason, you were unable to make payments and print your confirmation page, kindly copy out and keep your reference ID and log on (Admission/Reprint Application or click here) after 48 hrs to make payments and print your confirmation page.