Academics Policy

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In the Junior  Secondary section, a student must  pass at least ten out of fifteen subjects, with a minimum average of 60%. These must include English studies, Mathematics and Integrated Science.
In the Senior Secondary section, a student in S.S. 1., must pass at least ten subjects with the same average of 60%, while in S.S.11 and S.S.111, a student is expected to pass at least eight subjects, with an average of 60% including English Language, Mathematics, Biology and Economics.


There are two continuous assessment tests in a term, each of which attracts 15marks  for the tests, and examination  70marks. The marks for the tests and examination are generated from formal written work, class work, assignment, notes projects and other practicals. In  promotion exams, the stcumulative is adopted from the 1 term 20% is ndtaken while 30% of the 2 term is taken then the third term. 50%

Tutorials are given to student in the certificate classes (J.S.S.3  and  S.S.3 student). While the J.S.S.3 student are prepared for their J.S.C.E. (State and Federal), the S.S.3 student are prepared specially for their W.A.S.S.C.E, N.E.C.O, and  J.A.M.B examinations. (c) EXTRA LESSONS These are offered to weak students who score below 60% average. Equally, students who didn't do well in the core subjects , are also included in the extra lesson exercise.

Apart from the regular National and State exams, students who are interested also enroll to take other external exams like SAT, TOEFL, the BRONTE college of Canada exam and entrance for other foreign Universities

Forms are also received from foreign universities for early selection of students who excelled.

These includes clubs, societies and sporting activities. Here co-curricular activities are compulsory and a student must belong to at least, one club/society and at most, two.

The following clubs and societies exist in the school:

i. Girls Guide Association
ii. Literary and Debate Club
iii. Photo Club iv. French Club
v. Cultural and Choral Club
vi. Computer Man Club
vii. Legion of Mary
viii. Sacred Heart Society
ix. Physical Fitness Club
x. Y.C.S xi. Key Club
xii. Jet Club and Abbacus Club
xiii. Choir

Sporting activities, are compulsory and facilities are provided for them. Every student therefore, takes part in sporting activities.

The school has five houses, identified with the following colours:
1.        St.  Augustine      Pink
2.        St. Patrick           Yellow
3.        Regina Mundi      Blue
4.        Sacred Heart          Red
5.        St.  Theresa           Purple

The following are the major events in the school:
1.     Orientation services for Staff and Students.
2.     In- service training for Staff
3.     Excursion
4.     Inter – house sports competition
5. Graduation/prize- giving ceremony.
6. Carnivals st
7. Baptism /1 Holy communion/confirmation
8. Miss PRESCO & Miss Junior PRESCO
9. House inspection 10. Carols.
11. Retreats
12.       Open Day
13.       Visiting Day
14.       Career week Activities.

Our uniform is a unique one, produced by the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It has a green background with white patches, reflecting the national colours. Brown sandals and white socks' to go with the uniform.

 For the day wear, we have the green tiny check material, while for the outing wear , we have  a green jacket on the top of a white gown, with a cap.
 HAIR Only well- trimmed, short and natural hair is acceptable. The school frowns at permed hair or hair treated with hot comb, no matter how small the effect may be.